To all Friends, Relatives and Acquaintances on FB who have children. Please take Note of the following:
The World Health Organization in collaboration with UNICEF and the Ministries of Health have created a Mass Vaccination Campaign in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. This Campaign aims to prevent the following diseases:
-Polio -Measles -Mumps -Rubella
What bothers and worries me is the fact that these campaigns are being enforced on Schools where all children are already fully vaccinated against these diseases.
-Polio (I.P.V) given at 2mo.,4mo.,6mo. and 4 years(Vaccine name Infanrix)
-MMR given at 18mo. and 4 years (Vaccine name MMRII)
*Note: Inside both vaccine package inserts it states the following: “Unnecessary doses of the vaccine are best avoided…”
Did you know that Immunity for Polio lasts up to 10 years?
Did you know that Immunity for MMR lasts up to 8 years?
If Titer Blood tests are done then immunity can prove to last for a much longer time than stated in package inserts.

In this Campaign the Polio vaccine is given orally (O.P.V), although this type of vaccine has been discontinued in Europe and the USA due to the fact that it has been proven and documented that if given orally it can cause Polio, which ignites a new cycle of Polio outbreaks called V.D.P.V= Vaccine derived Polio Virus.
It is used in 3rd world countries simply because it is cheap and easy to administer…but most importantly is the fact that our kids are being used as guinea pigs! WHY? Here’s why:
To destroy these expired or unsold vaccines would mean millions of dollars in losses for Pharmaceutical companies (including the point that vaccines are considered BIO HAZARD material and need to be discarded accordingly at high cost). So what do they do??
They get their shareholders, who COINCIDENTALLY are also main decision-makers in the W.H.O to create such campaigns under the disguise of Charity and double immunity hoax to “protect poor vulnerable” children in the 3rd world countries”>>>> HOW NOBLE! (i.e Bill Gates and G.A.V.I)

Did you know that 90-95% of people infected with the polio virus don’t become sick and are not even aware that they’ve been infected with it?
What will surprise you is the fact that after every O.P.V mass vaccination campaign, ALL cases of Polio came from the vaccine itself…
(Research online: O.P.V causes Polio with keywords such as India, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Syria)
Since 2000 the O.P.V has been replaced with the Inactivated Polio Vaccine (I.P.V) where the live polio has been killed and attenuated meaning it doesn’t shed and shouldn’t cause Polio itself because it is injected.
That is why your children have received the I.P.V in the Infanrix Vaccine.

This Campaign is useless and causes harm more than any type of benefit because your children have already received the required “Doses” to have immunity.
Legally (BY LAW): These vaccines can NOT be enforced on your children in any kind of way. Don’t let them give you excuses such as “Doubled IMMUNITY” and in arabic” 3ala so7itt el salemeh” because your kids are already immune.

For such Organizations and Ministries our children are only STATISTICS!!
Who will protect our children if they should have a severe or lethal reaction from these vaccines?
Pharma Industry, W.H.O, Ministries of Health and ALL medical Staff are protected from any type of legal action related to vaccinations!!!!!

IF what i wrote has or hasn’t convinced you, i ask you to please do your own research because all medical journals and articles are available online.
You can as well opt. for the TITER BLOOD TEST to see if your child is immune or not. If it turns out that your kid is not immune, contact your pediatrician and let them administer the I.P.V instead of the FREE O.P.V.

I hope i was able to shine a light on what is going on by giving you options and showing you that YOU CAN REFUSE….just like i did!
Good luck with whatever you decide.
If this post has helped then

By فاطمة عيسى

I aim at raising awareness about vaccine injuries in ME. I established, launched a petition to stop compulsory vaccination, and created a voluntary AVEARS: Arabian Vaccines Adverse Event Reporting System.

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