Testimony of Dr. Christina Parks for Michigan Bill HB4471

My name is Christina Parks and I obtained my Ph.D in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan in 1999. I strongly support banning the use of vaccine passports in Michigan. The idea that a “vaccine passport” will reduce Covid rates is based on a series of erroneous assumptions that need to be evaluated and addressed.

The first of these assumptions is that the vaccines for coronavirus prevent transmission of SARS CoV-2. To date, no manufacturer will state that their vaccine prevents transmission and the clinical trials did not explicitly test for their ability to prevent transmission. Instead, they say their “efficacy” is based on a reduction in symptoms. In fact, replication of coronaviruses has been found to persist in the mucosa of the nasopharynx of vaccinated people. What then is the reasoning behind requiring people who are at low risk or severe Covid to be vaccinated?

The second assumption is that everyone needs to be vaccinated. In truth, a large portion of the population has already recovered from Coronavirus and has durable immunity to it. Natural immunity has always proven to be more robust and effective against multiple variants than vaccine-induced immunity. If immunity gives people a “pass” to participate in activities in an unrestricted fashion, why haven’t we allowed anyone who could demonstrated having had Covid to resume “normal” activities without masking and social distancing.

The third and most concerning of the assumptions is that these vaccines are safe and that there is little to no risk in requiring all Michiganders to receive vaccination for Covid. Not one of these vaccines has obtained FDA approval, so there is no way they can be assessed for their safety at this time. Further, they have not been assessed for effects on fertility or potential carcinogenicity. Moreover, all of these vaccines result in the production of the Spike protein, which has been shown to have pathogenic effects on the body all on its own. Until more safety data can be compiled and analyzed, it is unethical to coerce people to receive an experimental treatment that may have deleterious effects on their health and well being.

Resources Supporting Testimony of Dr. Christina Parks for Michigan Bill HB4471:

By فاطمة عيسى

I aim at raising awareness about vaccine injuries in ME. I established novax.org, launched a petition to stop compulsory vaccination, and created a voluntary AVEARS: Arabian Vaccines Adverse Event Reporting System.

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